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Looking to show universe in the label legend manager

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Using vw 2009 I am wanting to show the letter of the universe for instruments using the label legend manager, ie not manually typing it in for all of the lighting. The only thing I have been able to do is under the universe tab in the manager, I type A: in the prefix, but then If I leave the numbers blank, it ends up A:0.

Is there a way to be able to show the universe letter attached when numbering lights with no number after it, and have it be color-coded?


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If I fill in the universe (say, A:)prefix in the number instruments window and then I actually number the instruments, the universe field will always show a number after the prefix. If I clear the start# field, it will always show A:0 for the universe after I have numbered the instruments.

My goal is to have the universe letter in its own color and to be able to edit it in the label legends manager. I have seen it done, and I believe there is a way to do it without inputting it manually.

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I am using the universe field, but there are still prefix, start#, increment, etc, and if I leave them blank, they will read A:0

I would rather not use colors for the universes. I would like to simply show or hide the universe letter next to the light in a color that I designate (different from channel, instrument #, etc)


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