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2 Upgrade questions for NNA, (or anyone else)

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Now that VW is OSX compatible I want to upgrade.

Firstly: When VW9 was released it seemed months before the CD was available from the distributers here in Australia. Downloading over the 'phone line is out of the question on my internet account. When will I be able to get a VW9.5 CD?

Second:Which version???????My work varies from teaching drafting, to designing furniture, to making sculpture and props for the Theatre industry. VW 8.5.2 meant I could do a commercial set of house plans one week, and send a DXF of a furniture component to the Laser Cutters the next.The Industry series has made for a difficult choice, and the version comparison on the NNA 'site is more advertising spin than actual information.

Can anyone provide a comparison of SPECIFICALY what the various versions include and NOT include?

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Thanks in advance for your help.


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Thanks for the reply TS,Are you saying that if I get the Plain Label VW9.X, it still has plug-in doors, windows etc, still builds 3d models from the 2d plans, still has DTM etc?

Does it still have Beams, bolts, springs etc?

If I get Architect, does it have Beams, bolts, springs etc?

If I get Mechanical, does it still have plug-in doors, windows etc, still builds 3d models from the 2d plans etc?

NNA: If I HAVE to make a choice, I need to know what I'm gaining and losing.


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Um, no. I said that the Industry series makes it more convenient to do things. The plug-in doors and windows that come with VW Architect are inappropriate to our buildings and to the models as presentation items; the plug-ins are of a more residential nature. We make our own windows and doors as required, fully suited to our standards for 2D drawings, and our own 3D symbol components suited to the level of detail in the particular model. Everything's done manually.

This may seem more work than having 'pre-manufactured' libraries, if you will, but it's much less work than the customization / revision that would be necessary to adapt the plug-ins to our work.

Sorry I don't have any more specific information on the modules.

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VW 9 Architect includes alot of the features under VW 8.5.2 AEC workspace that are not included in VW 9.x Foundation. One key function of VW Architect is the Setup Assistant. This is available in VW Architect. There are many other features in VW Architect geared towards the type of jobs you are completing that are not included in VW Foundation. If your job involves alot of architectural type of drawing, I recommend getting the Architect Industry Series product.

Since you are in Australia, you should contact your local distributor in Australia for more information in regards to the various industry series products. You can also inquire with them in regards to their release date as opposed to the release in the USA.

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