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Worksheet Referencing??

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Does anyone know how to reference a worksheet in another file with its calculated results not changed. I am trying to reference a window schedule (generated from symbols placed on elevations not the window data from the window tool). Then reference it into another file that has schedules from several files laid out on a single "Schedules" sheet. Every time I try to import it it of course blanks out all info starting from scratch. I tried to create a viewport from the other file in the Schedules file but that resulted in the worksheet appearing empty in the schedules file as well.

Thanks in Advance

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If you select a worksheet-on-drawing, and convert it to group it becomes a dumb graphic/text object...frozen in time. You could copy/paste that into another file, or reference the layer it's on into another file.

Note that the dumb schedule will not update to reflect changes in the target file, and the worksheet no longer shows as 'Worksheet on Drawing' in resource browser in target file.

So if you make changes to target file, you will have to delete the dumb worksheet, go back into resource browser and select 'Worksheet on Drawing' and convert the worksheet-on-drawing to group all over again. If you have referenced the worksheet into 'Schedules File' those changes will be updated.

So it's hardly automatic and introduces lots of opportunity for error when managing changes, but it does work in VW '09.

There might be a better way.

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