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Un linking layers in 9.0

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Best I can describe it a layer link is like a shadow. It has the size and shape of the origional layer and will change with the origional layer but it is not an editable object. You can move the layer link around but you cannot edit anything included in the link, you have to edit the source layer.

So the link itself is only a representation of the information being linked.

I don't know if that helps or makes sense, but I've found layer links incredibly useful, particularly in 3-D modeling.

Good Luck

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A layer link is an object made up of other objects. For example, if you have a layer for your main level plan and a layer for your upper level plan, you can link the two in a third layer. The object that is generated is the "link". Careful when ungrouping and changing stuff in a link, those changes will not occur in the original layers. I usually like to go into the original layers to make changes, which WILL be reflected in the linked layer. Hope this helps. PLC

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