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Worksheet Row Cells refuse to move


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I'm using VW Architect 2010. Intel Mac.

The rows in my door schedule begin with the door number. These are displaying out of order. Is there a simple way to get them to "stack" in numerical order?

Note that i can successfully "grab" columns and move them, but (though i get the same hand curser and ghost image of the row being moved when i attempt to move a row) nothing moves when i release the mouse when i try this on rows. They seem to be locked, i.e. refuse to be dragged into any other order. Are the rows all locked? Is this a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance.

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There is a database inside the worksheet. You need to expose the database headers and tell it to sort.

Open the worksheet. (Double click on it if it is in the drawing or right click on it in the resource browser and choose Open.)

Click the triangle in the upper left corner. Select Database Headers

A new row will appear with a little open diamond. Click on that row header.

The three icons next to the little triangle which were gray, are now active.

The first icon means sort in descending order, the second is sort in ascending order, the third isn't as mysterious. It says sum. (which doesn't mean add. it means group all the like entries together.)

Look to see if any of the column headers (A, B, C,...) have a sort icon. If not drag the sort icon next to the little triangle onto the column header for the column you wish to sort.

You can use up to 3 sorts per database. Little numbers will appear next to the icons to indicate which one sorts first, second, and third.

Drag the sort icon away from the column header to remove a sort.

Click the little triangle again and toggle "Database Headers" again to close the database header row.



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THANK YOU MichaelK, for answering this question. I've been trying for days to figure out how to sort my rows. I thought you just 'clicked' on the icons at the top - didn't realize you had to drag them to the header line. Thanks very much.


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as i have a similar trouble, i append here my question:

i've created an areas record based on the space tool. there are many flats with rooms in my project, so i wind up with some 260 rows, but they are not numbered with ascending values. the values refer to one number, i.e. they go 2.1, 2.2 through 2.260.

there is no way to insert a row with partial sums or flat descriptions, everything appends either before my listing, or after it. the whole 2.* row behaves as a one entity.

is there a way to split this record entry?



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There is a difference between cells that are part of a database and cells that are outside a database.

2.1 through 2.206 are one entity. That's the database. The rest of the cells behave more like spreadsheet cells.

The database rows are sorted by either one of the fields in the data base - (or if there is no sort applied, they are sorted by stacking order?)

So, to add another line, you need to add another space object.

If you need to break them up, you can create several different data bases. For example you might create a database in row 5 that only lists the space objects on a particular layer. Or in a particular location. You can sum values in that data base and start the next database in row 7, for example.

To experiment with this, make a duplicate of your current worksheet in the RB.

Click on the triangle in the top left of the worksheet. Choose Database Headers.

Row 2 will now be visible.

Right click on the row 2 header. Choose Edit Criteria... You will get a dialogue box that allows you to set the criteria for what is in your database.

You can change the criteria and fewer space objects will be listed. Sums can be put in row 3.

Then right click on the row 5 header and choose Database. Set the criteria for the next database.

Rinse and repeat.



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so, the inserting floor by floor works with appending the new records to an existing worksheet (before applying click on the 'options' button down left in the tools>reports>create report dialog).

but some other trouble emerged (apparently it's not my day): the area field lists areas with 'sq m' after the area figure, although it should be a decimal number in 'format cells' dialog. the result is a simple addition of the record entries (for my ground floor the areas sum is the number of rooms = 45). as the fields are not particular database fields and only managed by vectorworks instance in the space object info, i can't set the field format otherwise as in the 'format fields' of the worksheet table. is there a way to have the fields as real area numbers' format?

please help. thanks.


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