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Printable Area Problem


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I'm trying to produce a CD package and can't get the printable area (drawing sheets) centered on the printed sheets.

Under "Border Settings", I've chosen:

Horiz Dim.: 34"

Vert Dim.: 22"

The sheet size is: ASME D

The "Dimensions Shown Are: Outside Dimensions

.5" margins all around

Under Page Setup, I've chosen

Size: ASME D

Under Printer Setup, I've chosen:

Format for : Any Printer

Paper Size: ASME D

The "Preview" image and/or .pdf file results with the sheet image shifted 1/2" to the right and down, thus cropping part of the right side and bottom of the image.

Any suggestions?


Dan Boone

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Peter, thanks for the suggestion - I have tried printing smaller VW documents with my Epson Workforce 1100 printer that can print 11 x 17 size prints. To the same results. ASME setups shift the image to the right and down.

It must have something to do with the Epson printer - I've not had this problem in the past when a HP LaserJet was my default printer.

Dan Boone

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You might try setting the Pages Horizontal and Vertical settings in the Page Setup to something less than one -- in my case .9934 and .9901 work. I typically format my drawings for US ARCH Size D 36 X 24. I print 50% scale on 19 X 12-1/2 sheets cut by my supplier from standard 38 x 25 stock with matching custom size settings in the Epson Workforce 1100 printer setup.


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