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Jagged 3D object in viewport

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Aloha, Peter:


I tried a complete shutdown and restart?no change.

I also did the "Permission Repair" and booted the computer on a single user mode (in UNIX) and ran the Disk Repair. No improvement either.

There are some improvement when I change the background of my VW window to white instead black background?the white hides the jaggy edges...this is not really a solution

I even reset my VW preferences but still no change.

My rendering in the Design Layer is very sharp.

I noticed the DPI of the Sheet Layer impacts the result of the viewport rendering. When I increase it to 1200 it improves?still not as good as you would have in DL. I wonder what is your SL DPI setting? Was there any significant difference in your rendering results when you compare your DL and SL results?

Any other thoughts? Anyone?

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The DPI setting is a document setting so we get the same as you do on the file. You shouldn't need to go to 1200 DPI, the rendering times are huge. I've never seen this problem before and again, I'm baffled. Maybe moving this to the Renderworks forum will get the right eyes looking at it. Would you like me to do this?

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Aloha Yoginathaswami:

Change the viewport to have a solid fill. When bitmap objects and viewports have their fill set to None then white areas of the bitmap are drawn as transparent. This can be handy with white backgrounds but looks weird like this in black background. HTH!

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Try this: Under the Sheet Layer tab in the Navigation pane, right-click the Sheet Layer that your Viewport is on and select Edit. Change dpi from the default (72 dpi) to something higher (300 dpi worked for me) and update the viewport.

Hope that helps!

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When bitmap objects and viewports have their fill set to None then white areas of the bitmap are drawn as transparent.

Sorry Yoginathaswami to jump in on a different angle: when I saw your post Dave I was hopeful for a simple way of rendering a model with a transparent background for dropping into a site photo. Exporting the vp with fill as None and as a png (which should support transparency) there is still a white background to the image. I also tried it the other way around: instead of composing in Photoshop, I imported the image into VW and placed the render on top. It worked, but there is a white anti-alias blurry edge to the model..so back to square one having to extract foreground material from a background by hand in Photoshop.

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Hi Yogi,


12 years after your initial post I had come across the exact same problem. I had the correct sheet DPI etc. After much searching I found the following setting.


Document Preferences > Resolution > Bitmap Display > Make sure "Full Resolution" is selected.


This helped in my instance. Hopefully any wayward travellers in the future find this helpful as well.


All the best,



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