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Custom colour palette

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Presentation graphics, schematics currently, in fact. I do quite a bit of colour tweaking to get the colours right, and I maintain the same mindset about using 'Byclass' as I would when drafting. If I force ALL colours, I don't think the 'nearest colour' shift is an issue, but doing that would mean that if I decide to change the colour of all the circulation spaces to another index in the palette, I'd need to do so on every instance of a circulation space. Hence, using 'Byclass'. Another option of mind would be to tweak the palette ONLY, with all colours forced...

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I don't think there is any easy way to work around this feature. If you cut-n-paste all objects they will still be color matched when you paste them. Export and Import VectorScript will also do the matching.

You might be able to write a couple of VectorScripts to try and defeat the color matching feature.

The first script gets the color of your object and then calls RGBToColorIndex( ) and saves the index number.

Then you edit the color palette.

Then you run the second script which takes that saved index number and calls ColorIndexToRGB( ) to figure out the new color for that slot. Call a VS function to set your object ' s color to the new RGB for that slot.

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