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2D symbols within reference


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Can anyone help? I'm just moving into 2009 and have a file setup to reference a survey drawing (Autocad imported to vw2009 then saved as a .vwx). All seems well, except that all the 2d symbols within the survey drawing are 1/1000th of the size they should be in the new drawing file.

I have set all layers in both files to be 1/20. If I set all layers in the survey file to 1/1000 the problem is still there.

Any ideas? I seem to be stuck on this one..



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.dwg files don't always have their units in the file. You can scale (not to confuse with layer scale) everything by going to Modify menu Scale Objects... check Scale text and Entire drawing. Check Symmetric By Distance and enter 1 as the Current Distance and 1000 as the New Distance.

You can also set the units in the .dwg import dialog box on import and it will be correct. You'll have to figure out what it is currently importing at and figure out what to set it to. It's probably set to meters and you need to change it to kilometers.

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Thanks folks, I'm not sure quite what worked but re-importing the dwg metres - mm seems to have cracked it. I can't see how the rest of the drawing scaled correctly before with the exception of 2d symbols? Must behave differently somehow.

Thanks again


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