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Weird Action

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Ran into a weird action in a Spotlight drawing with Vectorworks 2009. Every time I insert a lighting fixture, it shows up correct for a second, then converts itself to another type of fixture and has the data from that fixture already in the record. Different fixtures inserted always convert to the same (fresnel) fixture with the data record.

Does it both from the spotlight instrument insert and the 2d symbol insert tools.

There are no user script files in the drawing.

Have done "save as" and it still happens.

Have purged all and it still happens.

Any ideas out there?

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Yep. It's the Create Similar Object Bug in 2009. It only affects Spotlight objects. The way I understand it, there is no command built in to reset the default values for lighting devices so all future lighting devices default to the value the last time the command was run.

I thought it was fixed on one of the SPs.

If not there is a script that fixes it. Tech support can email it to you.


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