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Change number of chairs?

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In the event planing - seating layout, is there anyway to add new symbols or change the number of seats around a table? I want a 72" table with only 7 chairs rather than 10. Help?


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It helps to know what version of VW and what computer system you are using. Most people add it to their signature.

If you look in the resource browser, there will be a symbol for the existing table/chair symbol. It's called something like "Table 72" and Chairs".

Right click on that symbol and choose Duplicate.

Right click on the duplicated symbol and choose Edit.

In the next box choose 2D. (You could also choose 3D - in this case it doesn't matter.)

Delete & rearrange the chairs.

Click on "Exit Symbol" - top right of the drawing window.

Select the seating layout in your drawing. In the Object Info Palette click "select symbol" Choose your new symbol.

You can keep editing your new symbol and the seating layout will automatically update.

One word of caution: It's not always intuitive which direction the tables face. It doesnt' matter with the stock 72" round w/ 10 chairs: it's symmetric. But if direction of the symbol is important, you may have to expirement a little. I have very little experience w/ the event planning commands, but I've found that the the chair that is at the top of the table in the symbol sometimes ends up bottom right in the seating layout. Easy to fix, but it can be confusing at first.



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You can also add new file containing your custom table and chair symbols to ...\Libraries\Defaults\Event Planning\Seating\

You should alos take a look ath the existing libary because there are classes and records that control which objects are condidered tables and which are considered chairs.

Tables and chairs are inserted as they are drawn and then rotated toward the focal point. The orientation of the seats may sometimes appear different but you also have to consider the rotation of the seating layout object when determining which way "front" is.

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