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I am working with Vectorworks 2010 on a Macbook Pro. I am having issues where my layers are behaving very weirdly. The reference grids are not the right scale, I can't convert lines to Light Positions, etc. All the layers have the same settings. The only difference I noticed was when I was switching layers in the Object Info Pallet. In the drop down menu, the layers that are behaving correctly have nothing next to them. The layers that aren't working have some sorts of symbols next to them. I will try to attach a picture of it. If anyone knows what is happening and has a solution, I would really appreciate the help.




In the Photo, Lineset Hang works, the ones with other stuff next to it does not.

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The layers with nothing next to them are set to Invisible. You will only be able to see the contents when you have that layer selected as the active layer.

The ones with the isometric view of a box are in some 3D view. FOH Catwalks is in a 3D view and set to Gray.

The ones with the rectangle with the arrows are in Top/Plan view.

Each layer can be in a different scale.

You might pick a layer and try Align Layer Views from the View menu and see if that help.

It would also help us help you if you would go to My Stuff at the top of the page and include a signature with your VW version information and computer hardware and operating system.

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