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Smoother Curves

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What is the setting to change the smoothness of rendered curves? I thought it was the curve detail setting in geometry of the custom Renderworks options, but that doesn't seem to change anything. I tried increasing the 3D resolution setting to very high in my prefs, but that too didn't change anything.

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What rendering are you using?

There is a '2D conversion' in the preferences under EDIT, I think.

If you're using Open GL anything under 'High' or 'Very High' can lead to faceted edges. Also 'Anti-Aliasing' can make a big difference

Otherwise FQRW is usually good as long as the 3D resolution is set to high

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I tested with NURBS. The only way that works is to create the solid, then convert it to NURBS. I took the drawer front with the polyline created cutout, duplicated that, converted it to a NURBS, and then rendered in Open GL. Its rendered quality falls between the chunky polyline created version, and the super smooth polygon created version.

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