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Black Background Problem

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Vectorworks 2010 with Renderworks. SP4

When changing the drawing background to black or white under VW Preferences, the white and black drawn lines do not automatically reverse. I've never seen this before.

If I'm drawing on black background and try to print, many objects do not print because they are white and the paper is white.

If the default drawing color is black while I'm working on a white background, when I change the background to black, the pen doesn't automatically switch to white.


I submitted this bug.

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I've had this problem now and then. This is the only work around I've found so far.

Find an object that does automatically change from black to white when changing the background. Use the eyedropper tool to pick up the pen color attributes. (Set the eyedropper preferences to only pick up 'pen color') Then drop that pen color on any problem objects. (using the paint can)

Hopefully this bug will be fixed.

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The white color has the same values as Vectorworks standard white. 255, 255, 255

But I think you are on the right track.

Here is what I did to solve the problem. Any class that had a white pen, I changed the pen to another color. (Make sure the "use at creation" is checked. This changed everything to the new color. Then I changed the default pen back to white, being sure to select white from the Classic Vectorworks Color palette. This seemed to do it.

Evidently there are some underlying values associated with a color that we can't change.

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