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Why was CSI fomat notes and detailing dropped?

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In version 8 a new feature was the CSI format of setting up a notes database and using it ti detail via a number ing system.

When VW9 came out there was a general apology that this system was dropped and if it inconvenienced anyone tha twe should email the company.

What was the reason for this and it is ever going to come back. My guess is that the Construction Specifications Institute (or whatever it's called) got wind of it and said they would sue if it wasn't removed from the program.

I have been doing elevations with all my notes in a seperate column at the right of the sheet along side the title sheet. I add numbers to that notes column. From there a copy those numbers to my individual elevations and point to the elevation parts with arrows. The notes manager would be perfect for this.

Also, isn't there an automatic pocuhe tool for when you cut a 3D section or is that one of Julian Carr's tools in Vectorworks Essentials Pro?

Also, what email address at Nemetchek can I send images and renderings for their use in marketing VW?


Edward Koenig631-224-1014www.CARMELHILL.com

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Yes, this feature was dropped in VectorWorks 9. Not because of any legal issues. We were paying license fees to CSI in order to have the feature.

Maintaining this feature became more trouble and expense than it was worth to the program, so it was not continued in version 9.

Marketing materials can be sent to "marketing@nemetschek.net".

The Keynote system could be adapted for this, I will add it to the wish list to be evaluated.

Unfortunately I just don't know what a "pocuhe" is. Is there another term for this that I might know?

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That was a typo.

I meant pouche.

It was mentioned some time ago there was a new tool that would fill in the void of a floor or roof cavity in a 3D section with a color. This way you don't have to fill in the hollow of the floor cavity in Photoshop.

I don't remember if it was going to be included in 9.5 or if it was part of Julians Vectorworks Essentials.

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