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Vectorworks 2009 Save Errors

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Hi there,

I have just started receiving the same error messages when trying to save documents into a DropBox folder:

"An Error occurred while saving this file. Try saving this file to a different location. If you close this file before you successfully save it, your changes will be lost."

I had never had this error until a couple of days ago, and now am getting it each time I save.

I'm on the latest Service Pack, and have tried re-starting my PC a few times, and even re-setting the permissions on the dropbox folder.

Any suggestions?



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I could use the SAVE AS function, but things start to get messy. The whole point of DropBox is the simplicity of it all - I save the document and it is updated to multiple PCs via 'the cloud'.

My problem is that it was all working perfectly until recently...

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  • 6 months later...

I am having this EXACT same issue. Did you ever find an answer?

It was working fine and then it just stopped letting me overwrite files.

After doing some exploration I have been able to figure out that the issue only seems to occur in certain folders, some folders allow me to save just fine, others give me the error. (it seems that the newer the folder the less likely it is to let me save correctly)

This is only a problem with VW Files all other files save and overwrite without any issue.

How do I fix this possible folder permission issue?

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