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Smart Paste Update!

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Hello everyone!

SMART PASTE is a command to control the automatic creation of new classes when Copy/Pasting across Drawings.

I had some time to add some functionality to it, and here it is! in this update, the classes that are assigned will be listed below the class that they are assigned to. However,this is a "step" Update, as I realized that some things need to be re-thought in order to work how I actually think they should.

So far, the Plug-in files and resources are attached and available to be tested, the following links has the full script:


Please, give feedbacks and suggestions!

see the following:


1) Shortcuts:Assign Smart Paste and Smart Paste in PLace the shorcuts that are normally for Paste and Paste in Place. This really helps keeping the drawing structure consistent.

2) Paste text inside text-fields: use the normal paste command only to paste text inside text-fields.


1) Smart Paste does not REPLACE the normal Paste:

In order to work, the normal paste needs to be left inside the menu, or in a submenu.

2) Smart Paste does not work when Copy/Paste text INSIDE a text field:this is a behaviour that seems to be impossible to avoid..

3) UNDO: at the current state, Smart PAste performs the assignment of incoming classes when the "Assign" Button is hit. Even though the Undo History is built step by step, once a class is assigned to another class, the objects on are assigned immediately, so the Undo is not capable to re-place the objects in their original class. I think this can be solved only by creating a record of all the assignments in a XML file, the UNDO reads the record and All the assignments are finally processed when the OK button is hit. (other suggestions?)

4) Sorting the List Browser: Since the Undo History is based on the indexes of items in the lists, I set the EnableLBSorting to FALSE (Line 233,234). However this seems not to work, and it is still possible to sort the list. (if this is done before/after undoing, it will mess up the assignments). Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

5) Smart PAste+Cancel+Smart Paste: in some cases it has happened that after hitting Cancel, and running again the Smart Paste, all Objects have been pasted in the None Class. This has occurred in certain cases, but I couldn't figure out why.

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This is great, very helpful.

I am however looking for a tool which would allow me to do the opposite - overwrite classes/class properties with incoming ones.

it could be an option in the smart paste script...

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