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Snap / Cursor Issue

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I have just run into a snapping issue of some sort that I can't seem to rectify. My assumption is that I have inadvertently set some preference that I cannot find to disable. What is happening is that my smart cursor snapping functionality seems to have disappeared. No manner of choosing constraints or snaps seem to rectify the problem. When using the 2D selection tool, my cursor turns from black to white and two tiny red lines appear to the top left of it whenever I hover over a selectable item. The cursor no longer turns into a cross hair to allow selection. The item will highlight for selection and I can manipulate the item, however, I cannot snap to it. When I choose a scalable selection tool option, I do get the diagonal cursor but that is all. It seems to me that I have seen this or read about this before, but cannot seem to place it. I have rebooted the application and restarted the computer as well. Any thoughts?

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Thank you for your reply. You were correct, in my smart cursor settings, everything had been unchecked. I have been a VW user since MiniCAD 7 and have never had this happen before. Any idea what I may have done to deselect those options? Is there some keyboard shortcut that I may have hit by accident? I certainly appreciate your reply.

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