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Backwards door insertion

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Every once in a while I have an exterior door that refuses to be installed correctly. When I add the exterior trim it remains on the interior. I have reinstalled the doors, flipped them and reversed the walls to no avail. Quite often I have to take out the entire wall and redo it to make things work. All the other exterior doors in the project work fine. Obviously, I am doing something wrong but have not been able to find out what. Any suggestions????

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With exterior walls you need to make sure the left side is on the outside. If you draw your exterior walls in a clockwise direction this will always be correct.

The Door PIO doesn't have the capability to hand doors or to have them open out. The standard configuration is open in hinged on the LHS as you look at it from the outside. To get a door hinged on the RHS or to have the door open out you need to 'Flip' the door. This may be what is causing your problem.

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I will give this a try but all of my other doors work and I even copied my front entry door which is in exactly the same orientation and it flips backwards when inserted. If this doesn't work I will post this file.

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Look at the wall the front door is in and the wall you are trying to move the door to. In Plan view with the wall selected there should be a little triangle pointing down the wall. If you "stand" on the base of the triangle and look toward the point you will see which side of the wall is Left and Right.

Vectorworks uses the Left side of the wall as the "Outside" when a door is placed in a wall the Exterior Trim goes on the Left side of the wall. You can Flip the door to get the swing where you want, but the trim stay on the Left.

With the wall selected use the Reverse Sides button in the OIP to swap the left and right side of the wall and you should get your trim where you want it.

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