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Geodesic Symbol with 31 Great Circle Arcs

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Link to > Vectorscript file >Geo_Syn_1132.01D_LCD.text.zip

Download the Geodesic Tutorial File

Decompress >Import>Vectorscript

This tutorial has the 31 Great Circle Arcs of the Primary Polyhedra.

Manipulate the ObjectClasses to view the various configurations as described in Synergetics Vol.2/1132.01D

This should help all those who are interested in Geodesics.

Method#1=Tetra rotations

method#2=Pentagonal rotations

of the LowestCommonDenominator LCD Tetrahedra

Spheric = 120 LCD

Includes brief notations describing the duplications-reflections-rotations

This is about as simple as I can make : )



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