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I'm having an issue with the spaces tool. When I 'create spaces from walls', the spaces and text is created correctly but it also creates a point miles away from them which has no purpose. It is not part of the polygon, maybe a centre point or something it is unclear. It is a great annoyance however as it means the centre of rotation for the spaces is incorrect and zoom to extents zooms out way too far to be any use. I can move the points but only individually so moving 50 or so makes it time consuming if your doing it a couple of times per hour. My spaces are at about 0,0 and these points are being created at around 453500000,342000000. Slightly off....

It is probably a setting somewhere causing it. Any help is appreciated.

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The offset handle you are seeing will be the text handle.

Try resetting the Space tool default preferences for this document:

- Select the Space tool.

- Click on the Preferences button.

- Change the Text Alignment option to Centre.

- Set other preferences to what you want as the default for this document.

- Click OK.

All Space objects you draw or create from this point onwards in this document should then have the text handle located at the centre of the Space object.


You can set individual Tool preferences on a document by document basis using a process similar to that above. ie. before placing an object in the drawing set the tool Preferences to how you want the object to be. From then on all inserted objects will have those settings. If you change the tool Preferences those new settings will then apply until you change them again.

If you want to apply tool settings globally for new documents do this in a blank document and then save that document as a Template file. All documents created with that Template will then have those Tool Preferences.

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