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Don't want to debate, just want to know if anyone has a solution for importing Revit .rvt files.

I have heard you can export a dwg from Revit, which could then be imported to VW, but alas, I do not own Revit, nor do I want to, so is there another way? An app for that?

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.rvt is a proprietary format of Autodesk. As far as I know, NO other application reads/writes/imports/exports .rvt directly (Navisworks? it is an Autodesk product also). I believe any interaction with other applications native formats must occur through plug-ins that connect to Revit via a translation API, or their functionality must just be plug-ins to Revit. Autodesk has it locked down pretty hard, unlike dwg.

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I do have a one-off solution, meaning it will work for 30 days. Download Revit from Autodesk, and install it in a Windows environment. It will be fully functional during the 30 day trial - enough time to export to DWG whatever RVT files you may have.

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