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Help a Newbie!

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Hi, I'm new to VW.

I have recently got a job at a local architects to do there 'visuals'. They want them done in VW. I have lots of experience using Maya, but am having a few issues with VW.

I am currently working on a building and trying to use some of the 'Knol' furniture from the resource browser. I drag them into the drawing and everything is fine in both plan and a 3d view.

I wish to make these objects larger, but just cant figure it out. I've tried to edit them by pressing the right mouse button on it, but cant get any results.

Do i convert this object into something?

Any step by step help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Please create a signature with your version of Vectorworks including updates and computer specs including OS.

These are symbols. You can either right click on the symbol in the resource browser and choose edit or double click on the symbol in the drawing. Keep in mind when you edit a symbol every instance of it in the drawing will change.

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Thanks Ray,

When I right click on the symbol I get a dialog box asking....

'select part to edit'

2d component

3d component

insertion options

Which do i choose if i just want to make the object bigger?

What do i do after this?



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Why do you want to make them bigger? At 1:1 the objects are the size they are in real life. Surely you should be modelling reality rather than a distortion of it.

The Knoll furniture objects are hybrid symbols therefore they have two parts and you will need to rescale them both. ie enter the 2D part and rescale that and then enter the 3D part and rescale that. The difficulty you will have is keeping the 2D perfectly registered over the 3D part (you can see how this works by switching back and forward between Plan View and Top View). I would suggest you place temporary 2D and 3D loci located at 0,0 in the respective parts prior to the rescaling. After scaling the part Select All and then move everything so the loci is back at 0.0, and when this is done delete that temporary loci.

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You probably just want them to appear bigger. Change the scale of the Layer you are drawing on:

In the View Bar you will be able to read the Current Layer Scale. (or if it's not visible click the little triangle to the right of the View Bar and select Layer Scale.

Beside this is a little ruler which if you click it will allow you to change your Layer Scale to something more appropriate for your use.

As above, a symbol cannot be scaled in the way other objects can but if you

follow the steps above or change it from being a symbol to a lone object (a group) then you can manipulate it at will so:

Decide if you want to work with a 2d or 3d rescaled object.

If 2d view the symbol in Top/Plan view, otherwise view in any other view.

Select the object:

Modify>Convert>Convert to Group.

Now you can scale at will or further edit it by double clicking and entering the group.

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Interesting thing with hybrid symbols, if you want to edit the actual geometry, choose the "3D component" option. Keep in mind that any 2d object drawn here will automatically "fall through" to the 2D component side of the 2D/3D hybrid object.

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