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DTM Texture Surface with Photo Image

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I am trying to map an aerial photograph on to my DTM as a base to add building objects and display other Texture Beds of proposed Hardscapes. I can't seem to get the aerial photo to display at all. We've tried to create a Mesh of the DTM and Apply a Texture but with no success. It seems our 'aerial photograph' Texture wants to have a small image size (say 4.8') and then be scaled up (1000 times to reflect a 4,800 real world dimension) for it to behave properly. I know this because I can get a proper display on a large extruded rectangle but not on the Mesh or as a Texture Bed Sent To Surface. The Texture Bed just reads white. The Texture Applied ot the Mesh doesn't do squat. I've set the class properly and everything. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Maybe you just need to adjust the texture scale and offsets on your mesh. But I think each mesh poly takes its bit of the texture in a unique orientation.

If all else fails you can create a Drape Surface of your DTM and superimpose it over the DTM (That's available in 2008?). Apply an image texture - plane, not Perimeter type - of your aerial photo to the Drape. Add Plain Transparency to the drape texture so you can see the DTM through it, and it might need to be raised a bit in the Z axis, because the Drape does not exactly follow the DTM.

If your topography has abrupt changes, you may need lots of U,V points in the Create Drape Surface command. The Drape may need to be raised quite a bit to be fully visible.

Mapping control onto the Drape is terrible, in my experience. You might need some time and patience. The Attribute Mapping tool is strangely ineffective. I use a combo of the Mapping tab in the OIP>Render tab and Edit texture in the Resource Browser.

I hope others have a better solution for you.


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