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Plant Tags lose attributes when changing class of the associated plant.


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I just brought a 2009 file into VW2010. I had already placed the plant symbols (with their associated tags) in the 2009 version of the file.

While In VW2010, I noticed that some of the plant symbols were on the wrong class ('L-Text' instead of 'L-Planting') so I changed them to the 'L-Planting' class.

This switch appears to have made the Plant tag lose its graphic attributes. The plant tag uses its own class called 'L-PlantTags' which I set up in the plant tag class in the default prefs in the 'edit definition' of plant symbol preferences palette)

The 2010 Object Info palette shows that the plant tag is still using 'L-PlantTags', and the graphic attributes for the class 'L-Plant tags' shows a solid line weight of 2 and no fill, which is what I want it to be. The Object Info is also showing that the Tag Bubble is set at 'Circle', also as I want. All the settings appear to be correct, but I do not see a plant bubble at all now that I have switched the plant's class. I still see the tag leader, shoulder as well as the text that the bubble would surround.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, I do. And now that you mention, my co-worker had the same problem and at some point we got the attributes to re-appear and it seemed to be related to either checking or unchecking Use at Creation. We got a dialogue box if you wanted to apply to the graphic attributes of the new class to the objects, and when we said 'Yes' then we got the attributes back. However, a couple of steps later the attributes disappeared again and we tried to duplicate what we had done previously with the Use at Creation checkbox, but we weren't getting the dialogue box asking to apply to the objects...and were stymied.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Pietsy

I know we have talked offline about this, but just for the anyone else who may be looking, we have identified the issue and a bug has been logged with NNA.

Essentially, your container class for plants should NOT have Use at Creation set. If it does, it seems to cause conflict with the Plant Tags class. This is the case with both 2009 and 2010.

All the best


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Plant objects should be inserted in the None Class and the None Class should not be set to attributes by Class. If you do this you won't have the objects part attributes affected by its 'container Class'.

If you absolutely have to have a 'container Class' other than None then make sure that its Class definition is not set to attributes by Class.

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The plants are in None class. Tags are in Plant-Component-Tags class and the Fill is set to None, but I want it to have Solid fill. How do I get it?

The plants do not have to be in None Class

If you wish to count them by Class - Plants-Lots1To4 or PlantsLots5To8 as an example make certain as Mike says Class definition is not set to attributes by Class - these are your 'Container Classes'

Beyond that though when I build a new Plant I always build it in None Class but when placing a Plant if wanting to count them for say seperate Sheets as above I place them in Plants-Lots1To4 or PlantsLots5To8 etc

To get a white fill for your Plant Tags assuming the tags are Classed as Plant-Component-Tags set that Class to - Tick Use At Creation - white fill

picture attached - this is VW 2010

Although I am one of the first to upgrade to a new version usually - have not done so as yet because whilst I keep visiting this board VW 2011 appears still to have all sorts of issues


Be interesting to see if this really is a VW 2011 issue

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