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also how to equally divide a line.

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another ?

- if i am looking to find equally divided sections (maybe on a line) in cad i just draw a line then do teh divide command, enter the amount of sections then bam, the line divides into the segments. ---useful in finding spacing of center lines w/o having to crunch out the numbers.

how might i do something simliar in VW ?

thanks again!

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useful in finding spacing of center lines w/o having to crunch out the numbers.

If what you really want is equally spaced centerlines filling an allotted space, there's a neater way to do that:

- draw a centerline

- while it's still selected, group it

- go into the group by double-clicking on it

- offset or array the centerline to get the number of centerlines you want (the offset distance doesn't matter, just so they're all offset the same)

- exit the group by clicking outside it

- drag-stretch the group to fit into the allotted space.

And maybe drag-stretch it in the other axis to set the length of all the centerlines.

Line Into Segments is good if what you really want is a line divided into segments.

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