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Extend and Trim in VW (cad user)

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I?ve been using autocad for a while and now trying to brush up on VW....need a couple functions to speed me up.

- what is "extend" in VW (i would like to select a target line and then make multiple other lines project to that target line.

- what is "trim" similar to above. i would like to select a line and them trim multiple lines at that target line.....current the best in VW i can do is trim single lines and they only trim back as far as the closest line or object. this presents a problem if there are several things in the way of where i want to trim back to.

thanks in advance for ANY tips you can lend.

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Extend is the forth mode of the Combine/Connect Tool. Click on the target line and then on each line to extend.

If it is a straight line, you can use the third mode of the Split Tool.

For straight or curved lines you can use the Trim Menu Command. Run the command and then click on the object to cut all the objects that cross it. You will have to go back and delete the pieces you don't want by hand.

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To extend multiple lines use the Combine/Connect Tool; select all the lines to extend then while pressing the Option key connect as you do normally single lines..... I guess trimming multiple lines works the same, just make sure you choose the correct side of the line.

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