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Texture mapping on Cabinetry PIO's

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I have just started using the kitchen cabinet pio's after always making my own.

I don't really understand the choices for mapping textures that VW made when creating these. The rails and stiles are mapped with "cylinder" giving very weird veneer patterns when assigning a wood texture to these.

I am ungrouping these objects anyways to tweak them a bit but it would nice if there weren't so many extra steps to take.

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

Another annoyance is that the rails and stiles were created with "multiple extrude" instead of a simple extrude. You are limited to a "plane" mapping which does not give the option of flipping the direction of the wood grain 90 degrees.

Any input would be appreciated.

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I found, that the Door- the Window- and specially all this Stair PIO's

cause these Kind of Problems in renderings.

What I find even worse is the case, that a Fillet on an Extrude gets the

Texture applied 90? rotated to the texture on Surface of the extrude...

See image attached. (FQ-RW)

Who needs that and for what?

I spent a lot of time, finding workarrounds for creapy behavior of PIO's

Stair Tools and bugs in Basic tools like Extrude alongpath.....

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