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Editing Ungrouped Roof Objects

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Excellent question I'd say.

I usually draw lines / loci in Top/plan view representing the relevant plane breaks etc.that I need. Then:


Edit roof surface

Paste in place. (delete when finished with them)

Unlike Symbols the roof edit mode respects the global coordinates so Paste in place will work.

A more detailled workaround would be select all roofs

Modify>Convert Copy to Lines


Edit Roof face - Paste in place.

(this could also be done with a symbol and and insertion point set at 0,0)

Of course - back to your question - having the other roofs visible and snaptoable while in Edit mode would make these workarounds obselete.

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Hey Peter, this is fantastic. I didn't know this!

Great feature & timesaver.

Almost makes the edit roof mode redundant if the 2d can be edited directly on the object.

It seems there's also a very useful application where it comes to walls where it invokes wrapping and wall recesses / breaks and projections. Wow!

What other treasures lie within?

This deserves a study session of it's own.

Thanks Peter.

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You don't need to ungroup a roof, use "CONTROL C" to make a copy of it and "CONTROL C" to move it a distance so you can edit it separately from the original. Ungroup the copy and delete the roof planes. You now have the gable walls left to add windows too or whatever. When your finished move the walls back the opposite distance which will put them in exactly the right place. Turn off the gable walls in the original and there you have it.

You still have your original roof object which is preferable to one that has been ungrouped.

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