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pdf batch printing

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in 11.5 I just batch printed to a pdf printer (Adobe) now VW doesn't even give me an option to print to a pdf? I have adobe pro and vw 2010. I like to batch print right to a pdf file. I could do it with 11.5 and a very old adobe????

Sorry for all the posts but my $6000 investment in hardware and soft ware is now looking foolish.

Does any body know if I can return 2010VW? The amount of time to bring my projects across from 11.5 will kill any time savings I will make over the coming year

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I have the Architectural series.

I guess for me its that I have 5 project on the go a many more in maintenance. If I have to spend days on each project fixing window schedules and ids and changing wall styles.. well I can't. I was expecting an easier transition. The printing and window change getting represented on schedules needs to be addressed or else I can't produce drawings. I had 11.5 wired and productive. Why does every step forward seem like two back.

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If you would rather print the PDFs rather than Export them you can do that easily on Mac.

When the Print Dialog box comes up there is a button at the lower left that says PDF. Click on that and then choose the Save PDF option. You can also do the same thing with the Batch Print option.

Also, you aren't giving us much to work with to help you. I have seen a bunch of messages/complaints, but this is the first time you have told us the platform and version of VW you are working with.

We always suggest that you create a signature (My Stuff:Edit Profile above) to inlcude the platform, operating system and VW version you are using. In some cases it helps to know more of the hardware specifications of the machine also.

We will be glad to help, but if your message reads like "WTF this thing sucks" you are less likely to get help than with a "I used to do this and now it doesn't work. What do I need to do in this version"

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Thanks for all the help Pat and let me just say that you guys that help out here are incredible and with out you, Johnathan and Peter I and many others would be lost. I hope in some way you guys are recognized by VW as a big part of why people use their software. I've updated my signature to include my system as you suggested.

I don't seem to have the pdf key on my print dialog in the lower left corner or in the batch print dialog. In other applications I do but not VW.

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I don't know why you would not get the PDF button in VW. Especially since you are seeing it in other apps.

Just for something to try I would quit all your applications, launch Disk Utility (Applications:Utilities) and Repair Permissions. Then restart the machine and see if you get the PDF button in VW.

If not I would call NNA tech support. Maybe they have seen this before.

Repair Permissions is sort of like sacrificing a chicken. No one really knows how or why it works, but sometimes it does, so we keep recommending it ;-)

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Guys, I may be more of a lurker than a participant in these dialogs, but I have to agree with how valuable you all are, out here in the real world. Just yesterday I discovered that the pdf's I print from VW Arch 2009 don't display correctly on a PC. They look great on my Mac, but in Acrobat Reader some of the fonts display as white on a white background unless I zoom 200%.

Problem fixed when I export to pdf instead of printing.

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