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Benson Shaw

Keep the old files?

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I'm going to install my VW2010 soon and am curious about other's approaches to organizing and storing old VW files:

1. When upgrading project files to new revs of VW do you keep some/all the old version files? I usually keep them in an OldDocs subfolder, but after I work with a new file for a while, the old one(s) seems more of a confusion than an asset. I am tempted to start deleting all the ones at least 2 versions back.

2. If lots of files are converted at the time of new version installation, do you manually open and check every converted file? Is there some trusted list of things to try or check btw v09 and v10?

3. When converting a file to the new version, a date moniker is automatically added to the file name, ex myprojectv2008.vwx. So if a file is active or is converted through several upgrades, it could have serious history in the file name, ex myprojectv2008v2009v2010.vwx. Does anyone keep that multi version date history in the file name? I usually delete the version date because view of long file names are truncated by narrow finder window columns. But maybe it's useful info to some future reviewer?


Thanks in advance


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Benson - I keep all of my pld files in their original format in an archive - two or three in fact

I do not know if I am right about this but I never upgrade a file from say VW 2009 to VW 2010 to work on it - I have had real issues with that

Also I always make certain my template and standard files I am using are upgraded to the lastest version

Did you know if you open a VW file in Notepad or the Mac equivalent - you can tell what version of VW it was created in

If you do update anything I would keep the truncated version so you know where it cane from

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I never delete any file. Storage is cheap, I wait until I have enough old files then archive to DVD. I burn three and store two off site.

I have no problems updating files to the latest version, but I am mostly 2D.

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