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A good reason to update?

Kaare Baekgaard


I am currently using VW 2008 Architect. Actually I am a product designer, but there is, alas, no industry version, that targets my profession. After starting my own design company, I have to pay for updates myself.

So I take a more critical look at the benefits and as far as I can see, there are only two minor new features since 2008, which are actually useful to me. One is a 'Fillet Edge' improvement, the other is an 'Unfold Nurbs Surface' feature.

Thats it...

What's the deal with the new parasolids modeling core? I have tested it and it seems to work exactly as well as the former. So now, that I have money to burn, I wish for a better reason to update. And it would have to do with better modelling features:

- A better interface for working with the weight of vertices on nurbs surfaces. Selecting and changing the weight of multible vertices would be extremely welcome.

- A better interface for working with nurbs curves. I want to be able to select and move multible points. Or even (dare I think it?) get bezier type handles on each point.

- A true nurbs-type Multible Extrude and Multible Extrude Along Path feature.

- A parametric 'Bend' function. Do you know how hard it is to model a simple bend in a plate, that is not square?

- A loft With 3 Rails feature - so that the profile can change height as well as width along the loft.

- A 'twist' control with 'Extrude Along Path'. You know, what I mean.

- A Stich And Trim, that leaves the original surfaces intact and editable.

Put at least some of these features in the Designer Industry version and take away all the useless stuff from the other versions ? and I will buy it.


Thank you.

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My experience w/ the parasolids engine is that it is a) faster and b) pickier about failing to create self intersecting solids.

-I love the idea of each vertex on a nurbs curve having its own weight.

-Loft w/ one rail in 2010 does allow for multiple nurbs profiles. I think it also worked in 2008. But I could be wrong about that.

-I would also add to your loft requests:

......Feedback when creating the loft of where the along the rail a loft is failing and options to a) create the loft anyway and delete the duplicated parts of the geometry or b) squash the profile or smooth the rail to make the loft object "happy"

.....Double click editing of loft object ala extrudes, sweeps, solid additions, solid subtractions, etc. (One of the great strengths of VW.)

-EAP twist control is a great wish!


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I started using VW with 2008 and each upgrade has been WELL worth the cost. I am an architect and use VW every day for 3D modeling, presentations and documentation. Can't say for sure if my experience would apply to product design. But my guess is it would.

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"I love the idea of each vertex on a nurbs curve having its own weigh": Actually it does today, michaelk. You can do things with 3D nurbs curves, that you cannot do with 2D bezier curves (which seems a but strange). The interface for working with them, however, is not good. You have to click around in the Object Info palette a lot and you can only select and change one point at a time.

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My continued plans to upgrade are also being driven by improvements to modelling functionality that would increase the usefulness of Vectorworks for product designers, and I'm sure would be beneficial to all users dealing with 3D.

I would love to see:

Kaare's suggestion - parametric bend solid tool. Also better NURBS, or go all out and add T-Splines! (I don't know if this is possible with the Parasolid kernel, would be nice though).

The ability to retain by choice a subtracted solid.

Free rotation of hybrid objects with auto-regeneration of 2D symbol.

It feels like the Vectorworks interface is really holding up what should be the excellent 3d modelling experience of a powerful kernel.

I actually use TurboCAD (ashlar vellum in disguise at an excellent price) to model quickly before importing solids into VW, it is just too slow (I find) for a product design workflow. VW would be able to do concept through to production with stronger 3D tools and interface.

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vw2008 TO vw2010 NOT worth the upgrade.

Wait for vw2011.....

in fact I'd wait for vw2012

I wonder what it is with us? We always seem to need to have the latest update but I'm sure it would be more economic and less frustrating if we purchased say every third update instead.

i love this, Vincent.

It does seem logical to upgrade when VW actually has something to offer each of our individual personal needs, but there is also the NNA point that more investment by us in the product(should) mean more investment in R&D by them. Admittedly, NNA get their money anyway as the upgrade increases the more versions that pass, while waiting for the ideal VW to arrive.

This said, having to use TurboCAD, to speed up production of a 3D model before importing it into VW is a severely "Sorry" situation to have to deal with whilst awaiting that perfect upgrade . . . . .

And, Yep, i use TurboCAD tooo . . .


BTW Caare, good Wish List.

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