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Alphabetise Plant List


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Does anyone know if there is a way you can adjust your plant lists so they list the plants in alphabetical order? I can't find anything written baout this anywhere on the web, it would be useful if VW could do this as it makes a long list a lot easier to read.

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Its possible, but there are several steps. If your plant list is a VW worksheet that uses the plant database:

1. Double click the work sheet to open it up.

2. Click the small downward pointing arrow in the work sheet title bar and select Database Headers.

3. Click on the row that has a hollow diamond symbol in the row column.

4. (note if you have your plant list organized and sorted by type of plants, you will need to do this for each row type that has the diamond symbol).

5. In the worksheet header bar, drag the symbol that looks like a bar graph. There are 2 of them, descending and ascending.

6. Drag the ascending symbol over whichever column you wanted sorted first. You can also drag more symbols for secondary sorts

7. After you have down this for each plant type, click the small downward pointing arrow again and deselect Database Headers (so that they don't print).

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