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Moderators OS Comments

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Is it possible Moderators be reminded not to engage in Operating System derogatory comments like this

Christiaan if you ever had to use Vw on a PC you would very quickly come to detest its palette docking. It is simply awful in use.

And as for the Windows OS colour scheme. Baby poo brown and bright blue can only ever have been selected by someone who is colour blind. No one with any design ability would have selected that colour combination in a million years.

from this thread


Bet this gets censored quick smart but really fair is fair

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Ozzie, you are absolutely right to request this. We, for the most part, try to stay pretty neutral and are here (voluntarily) to help as best we can. I can't speak for Mike, but every once in while something (or someone) rubs me the wrong way and I fall in the trap of making a knee-jerk response. I nearly always regret it. So thanks for the gentle reminder. P

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I don't see any reason to censor this thread. Polite and respectful. As Peter says, we all make mistakes.

The moderation philosophy we try to follow is a very light touch. Unless a post is directly insulting to a person (not a platform, company or program), or blatantly false, it usually stands. If someone is getting out of line we try to handle it off-line if possible. We delete as little as possible.

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Not to nitpick, but the color blind part of the comment is more of a concern to me. That is suggesting that color blind people have no design ability. If you are color blind, and you've had to listen to color blind jokes and put downs your whole life, you might be offended by this. That's why it's best for all of us to think twice before we make posts blaming a poor decision on a person's handicap. OK... Now I'm going to jump off my soapbox and get back to working on my drawings.

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don't let political correctness blind you

colour blind people may well have design ability,

but they should not be choosing colours,

particularly in applications where their

colour perception may have a totally

negative or contradictory effect,

green stop signs etc

i suspect mike either has a really bad

screen, or is colour blind himself,

as there is no default brown + blue

windows colour scheme, as far as i

can remember...

however, with windows you do have the

freedom to make your interface as ugly

as you like, unlike the

cult of cool, but that's a horse of a

different colour

kisses kisses

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Hi Bruce,

Nice assembly drawings. Well done. Really like your style.

As far as stating a design preference as fact. Yes, maybe not the best decision. I think it just shows that we are all passionate about what we do, and some times we are going to push the boundaries! I think some grace is in order, especially as I am sure I am going to need some along the way! :)

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As the inadvertent instigator of this angst I apologise to all those I offended.

In the future I will:

- Avoid making comments on the Windows OS. I will keep my views on it to myself.

- Not make comments about colour blindness. My insensitivity on this issue has been rectified.

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Can't really agree here, though I respect your point of view Ozzie. I think an important part of this forum is to vent personal opinion, this is especially important when design and graphics are involved or different operating systems. I might be overly optimistic but I think that all types of constructive criticism can be used as a means to improvement.

Just through this post possible improvements:

1. Offer options for UI customization.

2. Bruce, ever consider 'using' your 'handicap' to develop your 'own' style. (I'm speaking in complete ignorance in the ways of the colorblind), but perhaps if you create illustrations that 'look' good to you it can lead to a whole new style?! Not that your current work isn't top notch, very nice!

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In the end Vincent probably I agree with you but you do not know all the details -

have to say though

As the inadvertent instigator of this angst I apologise to all those I offended

Mike - you are a big man for posting that and I believe a good man also

You know in the past you have helped me enormously and always I will be grateful for that

Even at one point yonks ago when I was overly critical in your view of VW - PMing me and suggesting I not use VW anymore

I look back at that and try to understand the power of your passion and know I took that on

We had a tough time over the weekend and in the end I took it to far in our private communications

So if I have offended you and probably I have please if you can forgive me mate

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OK... Here's what I will say about my color blindness. If you and I were tied to a ticking bomb with ten seconds to detonation, and there's a bundle of wires; a tan, an orange, a red, a beige, a brown, and a green wire, I'm not your best choice at that moment to cut the green wire to save our lives!

Thanks for the complements.

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Aloha, as a Mac user I was following this topic and the topic instigated this topic. And as a monk under vows?I am very touched by the humility expressed by everyone here!

Difference of opinions are okay...but first to apologize when one is wrong is what we see regularly in the monastery, never aspected it on a forum! Pleasantly surprised!

Nice drawings Bruce!

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