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The search for the lost ID

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One of the most frustrating episodes that regularly happen in my office is when people are ID-ing windows and doors.

Since many are new to the program, they sometime forget to turn off the on schedule option for doors or windows (supposed to be existing or to be demo, so not to be on schedule), or accidentally click with the ID tool on other plug -ins (ie a keynote), therefore getting a long list(on a big project) of empty rows in the automatic schedules. Sometimes there is only the ID number, sometimes the whole row is empty, because somehow the door record is present but there was no ID. Anyway the custom selection (looking for objects with door record) will help only for plug-ins that are not inserted in walls.

So here we are searching under doors to see if there is a duplicate of it, temporarily erasing portions of the plan and updating the schedule to understand where the ghost object is hiding. Is there any other way? How can we search for object/symbols inserted in walls? It takes hours to clean up the schedule to show only what we want.

Thank very much for any suggestion.

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