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Worksheet Cell=File Name

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Is there anyway in a worksheet/report to have a cell equal the following

-File Name Not automatically

-File Location Not automatically

-Date Not automatically

-Cell in Another Worksheet =MyWorksheet:A1

-Field in a Record ='Record'.'Field'

See Referencing Other Worksheet Cells in the VW Help.

You don't need the quotes around the Record and Field if you don't have spaces in the names. I find it easier to just always use them.

You could fairly easily write a script that will put file name/path/date into selected cells in a specific worksheet, but it would be specific to that worksheet not general purpose.

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What I am doing is I have a worksheet that references 3 different primary record formats. It counts my lighting stuff one references the lighting devices, one references the record I assigned my truss to, and one references the record I assigned my motors to.

Now I have been finding myself printing this off to give to guys working on different projects. However for each project I have been putting the event name in the header and then adjusting and sometimes my worksheet looks nice on 11x17 but not on 36x48 paper. So I need to adjust. Well I am making a nice worksheet that I am going to duplicate and scale according to appearance desired on the sheet size. Now that means I would have to change the project info on each sheets header. What I am looking for is the best approach to put the "event name" in a cell. So my thought is to make a different worksheet that is my master info sheet of sort. What do you think about that idea?

Maybe at worst I do a worksheet that has

A2:Event Name


C2:Cad File Name

I think this isn't a bad idea, but do you see any better way?

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