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Decal Disaster

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Hi All, first time poster, and newbie Vectorworks user, so please take it easy with what is possibly a daft and already answered question...

I am really struggling with using Decals on my models - whenever I apply a decal to a surface I have made (not walls, but 'extruded' 3d objects), I always have the same problem that the decal shows through on both sides of the object. As these are often text decals the one on the reverse is always inverted, and I also want to apply different decals to the front and back of the same object. I realise I can make the object out of 2 pieces (front and back) but with some of the shapes I am working with that isnt as easy as it seems!

If anyone has been able to overcome this particular problem I really could do with some pointers. I am assuming it is something simple I am not doing correctly - possibly with planes or basic fundamentals of how the object is made, but after much searching and tutorial following and no solution I am a little desperate!

Thanks in advance...

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Hi & thanks for the responses!

bcd, that is the process I used when I played around with vw 2008. Now that I have got VW2010, it just doesn't quite address the logo / graphic requirements for some of the work I do. Decal textures would solve many of my logo placement 'issues' if I could just get them to go the places I needed them to, using the geometry of the shapes onto which I was placing them... Cant help but think that I am missing something very, very simple...

I have uploaded a few screen grabs and a .vwx file with one of the components that is giving me trouble. Basically, I need to place a series of different logo's onto the front and rear of this particular object. Another challenge I am having is figuring out why the geometry of the decal shifts & distorts (as you can see on the grab) - I have tried different mapping options (cylinder, sphere and plane - perimeter doesn't seem to work) and each presents a new set of problems... but all still present me with the problem of the Decal showing through on both sides...

Anyway, if you can provide some advice that would be great. I appreciate there are probably a few work arounds, but again hoping it is something simple or fundamental I am doing wrong which can be corrected.



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thanks bcd - although the image I showed used text, it is actually logo's I am applying, so the text along path doesn't work for me and I am still left with horribly distorted graphics - unless there is a way to do this with a graphic that I am missing?

I resolved the mirroring issue in this particular instance by changing the object to a wall - which then gives me the 'left & right' sides to apply decals (even after creating a 'double sided' object I had so may issues where the decal would appear and I could manipulate it whilst using the attribute mapping tool, but when I exited the tool the decal would disappear no matter what rendering option I used), but I still have the distortion of the decal...

I am now going a bit mad... appreciate that as a self taught user I might be missing a trick, but I am usually able to work through these challenges myself without having to beg for help... which is what I am now doing :)

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And if the curvature is not too great you may be able to use Image Props to place your logos without distortion.

Another horrible workaround would be to edit your texture in photoshop etc. and include the decals there. Each texture would have to be specifically scaled to each object.

I like the idea of converting the extrude to a wall - that's a great idea - would never have thought of that.

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