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New Laptop

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My company has agreed to get me a new laptop so I can work with Vectorworks and graphics programs. I need a machine that will still preform for the next four to five years.

The company only supports Dell computers.

I would welcome suggestions about model number and configuations. I travel a few times a year for extended periods of time and use it to work from home when needed.

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my guess is that you're getting a Dell then. If you are going to have to use it for the next for to five years get it Loaded. 6 to 8GB Ram, fastest and most cores you can get for a processor, and as much additional video processing as you can get. I don't remember the current manufacturers for video cards but I thought I had seen that one works better than the others. Sorry you are stuck with a pc I have found that even a mid grade Mac will outperform most pcs when it come to Vectorworks and other graphic programs like photoshop. I don't know if this is completely accurate but my experience has been that the faster processor will help you more to draw your projects more speedily, but more cores will help you cut down rendering times. Hope this helps. anyone else agree or disagree?

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