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Vectorworks 12.5 Windows 7




Is anyone successfully using Vectorworks 12.5 on Windows 7? When Vectorworks starts up I get the message "A Vectorworks dongle could not be found". The light is lit up on the dongle and Windows 7 tells me that it is successfully installed when I plug it in.

I am so far doing the following:

- running both VW and Quicktime in XP Service Pack 2 mode

- running both VW and Quicktime as an administrator

- I've updated the dongle drivers

- I've disabled Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

Can anyone else shed some light on how to get VW and the dongle to speak to each other?!

Many Thanks,


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Not sure if you still need the help, but I will post in case anyone else runs into this problem. I now have a working copy of VW 12 on my windows 7 computer.


I updated to the latest vectorworks 12 version available which is 12.5.3. That can be downloaded from here . . .


After I installed the update I downloaded the current driver for windows 7 from aladdin's website here . . . http://www.aladdin.com/support/hasp/enduser.aspx

Download the appropriate file (for me it was the Sentinel_HASP_Run-time_ setup.zip file in the HASP HL Device Driver Downloads section. Direct download file . . . ftp://ftp.aladdin.com/pub/hasp/Sentinel_HASP/Runtime_%28Drivers%29/Sentinel_HASP_Run-time_setup.zip

I installed that (without the dongle plugged in) and then once it had completed I plugged in the dongle and launched VW 12.5.3 and it worked.

Hope others will have success!

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Dave, wsutliff and Helen,

I also have Vectorworks 12 and was worried about not getting it to work with my new PC running Windows 7 x64 Home Edition, with Intel i7-870 and 12 GB of RAM.

I was thinking I would have to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and run VW under XP mode, but it would appear that that is NOT necessary and I am absolutely delighted!!!

Many thanks to wsutliff for providing this information.

I followed the directions given by wsutliff by installing VW12 on my system with my CDs and then downloading the 12.5.3 update. I located the correct HASP driver in the folder named "Support" in the "UpdateToVW1253" folder. I installed the HASP driver and so far VW is working like a dream and is running MUCH faster with my new system.

Cheers to wsutliff and good luck Helen and Dave. I hope that VW 12 works under Windows 7 for you as well as it has for me.


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