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Roof question

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I'm trying to make Roof object and succeed to make it until certain level (Picture 3). What I'm missing is possibility to make the higher gable (horizontal) to continue until the lower gable (vertical) and create triangle window in the space there (Picture 5). The concept would be to make what in VW is called "Dutch Hip", but I don't succeed, nevertheless the option isn't grayed out.

Any hints on making it with roof object? Or ungroup and then adjust roof faces?

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The triangular window is an interesting innovation.

I disagree on this. Triangular or custom shape windows aren't innovation. It's just possibility to make same things otherwise, which has been practiced through ages.

It looks like you are making an enclosed light well -- so that the triangular window acts as a skylight for the first floor.

This is exactly how it works - you've got the idea!

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