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Tekton font problem


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After being away from Vectorworks for several years, I'm now back working on a new project and experiencing a major font problem when opening existing files that were prepared using the Tekton and Tekton Pro fonts as defaults. When opening these files, no characters show unless I make a global change to say, garamond. Font Book indicates the tekton/tekton-pro fonts are OK (validated).

Any comments, advice? Suggestions for a tekton-like substitute?


Dan Boone

Mac OS 6.3

Vectorworks 2009 SP5

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I have used Tekton Pro for years, and I do recall a problem with it not showing up at one stage, maybe at an upgrade of VW version or iMac.

My memory is hazy though, I seem to remember that it has to be Tekton Pro, not plain Tekton, and there was something about Mac Fontbook - check that the font is listed in the right Collection, it might have been missing in the User or Computer list.

Sorry to be so vague, hope that helps.

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