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mass overlapping

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Does anybody know why I loose the fill colour when I check the box mass overlapping. When I edit the 2D Grafik in the editor window the fill colour is there and when I uncheck the mass overlapping box the fill colour is also there?

I just want to have fill colour, if possible with shadows, and mass overlapping also.

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Hi Uli,

I have asked the same question on here before and noone has answered. It seems to me you can only do one or the other (i.e. either have mass overlapping plants, or coloured plants, not both). However this seems stupid, and I don't think it can be the case as I have seen promotional material from vectorworks showing massed overlapped plants that are coloured. But sorry I have no idea how!

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To have massed plants with a sketchy outline AND colour, do the following:

Leave the Mass Overlapping Plants box UNCHECKED in your plant definition dialogue.

Set a sketchy outline or two in the number of outlines.

Set the plant to Use Rendering at Creation or not (your choice - I usually leave it switched off and render later using View>Show>Show or Hide Plant Styles as it saves my drawing re-rendering everytime I place a plant).

Now, place your plants. Switch the following classes to invisible:


Render the plants as above. You should now see a sketchy outline around the entire group, but not around each individual plant. You can also turn off colour using the classes with this method.

It does depend on you using the symbols in the Plant Objects resource file as these are setup to work like this. If creating your own plant symbols they will need to adhere to these classing standards for this to work.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you EC1, thank you Tamsin for the help.

Tamsin I tried it that way, but the problem is, if I turn off the Plants-Components-Outline class I lose the outline of the other i.e. Single Plants. I think I have to experiment with different classes which I then turn off and on.



PS. Your book is well written - good book.

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When you render, you should still get a sketchy outline round the individual plants... I will check, but I think it should still work.

Thanks for the comments on the book! I am really glad you have found it useful.


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