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BeamChek and System Recommendations Request


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Hi. I'm looking for some system recommendations.

I have for a number of years used BeamChek on an old PC laptop. It's great software which handles all of my simple beam design requirements (no, I don't like VW's "Simple Beam Calculator"!) But since I have an iMac I know I don't need the PC anymore what with the Intel chip, Boot Camp, etc. But my knowledge ends there, with knowing what I don't need.

BeamChek is the ONLY Windows-based software that I use or need. So that being said, what would any of you recommend for getting it running on my iMac, in terms of Windows emulation software? What's the most cost effective, lowest hassle, most stable route to go?

Additionally, as you can see from my signature, I'm still using OS 10.5.8. Are there any outstanding issues I should be aware of with regard to stability, speed, functionality in moving to Snow Leopard in conjunction with VW2010?


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Just use the Mac OS built-in Bootcamp to access Windows since I assume you only need intermittent use of the program (which I use, by the way) and won't mind waiting a short bit for the restart. If, after a period of use, you find you really want both OS's open at the same time, you can buy Parallels or VMware.


See Walt Mossberg's video link

You'll need to buy and install Windows 7 ($100 ?) since I doubt you'll be able to lay hands on XP. Maybe best to skip Vista? Windows 7 requires Snow Leopard.


I'm using the latest Vwks on Snow Leopard with no known issues. When you install Snow Leopard you can partition the hard drive to hold the Windows install.

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Thanks for these other two suggestions, Miguel & bcd.

bcd: Have you run BeamChek with CrossOver? Per Codeweavers website, BeamChek is an untested application which may or may not run with CrossOver.

Miguel: do you have specific experience with VirtualBox and BeamChek running on a Mac? If so, any comments?

And for anyone: of the five suggestions, do I understand right that Boot Camp, Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox all require installing a licensed copy of Windows, while CrossOver does not? And do I understand right that these are the five options I have for running BeamChek on my Mac?

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I only have experience running VirtualBox on a Windows Vista computer. I run older programs like dBase and VW 11 on a Windows 2000 emulation and have not had any problems. You can install any Windows version as long as you have the installation CD. I believe Windows 2000 was the last version that did not authenticate the serial number over the internet.

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FYI I downloaded the demo version of BeamChek and tried it in my VirtualBox setup. Seems to work fine. I didn't push it but there should be no reason it doesn't work in any of these virtual environments.

I am on OS X 10.6.3. VirtualBox is the latest edition and is hosting a copy of Windows 2000.

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Well, after working with the creator of BeamChek and the CrossOver people I can definitively say BeamChek does not work with CrossOver. Final Answer.

Since BeamChek is the only PC/Windows software I have need for, I'm going to get myself another cheap used laptop (which I have done with my old BeamChek) so I don't have to get stuck in the endless round of updates with the emulation software.

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