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Matt Panzer

CameraMatch 2010 - Photo Montages Made Easy

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Version 2010 for Vectorworks 2010

Quickly and accurately align a 3D model view to a photograph! No more wasted time fiddling with 3D view controls that are just not designed for the task. Camera Match quickly finds the view by placing control lines on a photograph and clicking a button. If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match's powerful live tuning controls get the job done fast. After getting the view set, the CameraMatch masking tool magically brings it all together!

CameraMatch lets the client visualize a design in the context of the existing site/structure making them more confident in your design. Not only that, it can do this much faster than modeling the existing conditions. Check out our user gallery and see for yourself!

Visit Our CameraMatch User Gallery

FREE Educational Version Available!

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[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2010.0.3 Update Available![/font]

New in CameraMatch 2010.0.3:

? Control Lines no longer highlight (with selection highlighting turned on) allowing you to see their color.

? Fixes view calculation issues when the CameraMatch Reference object is on a layer with a non-zero Z height

This update is free to all CameraMatch 2010 users

Download 2010.0.3 Here

Visit PanzerCAD

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I use camera match for interiors - Once learned it works great, it really helps productivity. I downloaded the software again but it doesn't seem to update the plugins - do I need to delete the original plugins first?

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Hi bcd,

If you copy the "PanzerCAD Camera Match 2010" folder over the old one (in the "Plug-ins" folder), you should be fine. If you do this while Vectorworks is running, you will need to quit and restart Vectorworks in order for it to see the new plug-ins. To see what version of CM (CameraMatch) you're running, select any CM object ( CM object, CM Reference object, CM Mask object ) and look in the Obj Info palette. It should read "Version: 2010.0.3 (build 44)". Let me know if you're not seeing this.

Thank you for the kind words about CameraMatch. I'm glad you're realizing it's benefits!

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Check out our new CameraMatch Video!

This 10 minute video shows the entire CameraMatch process in real time:

? Placing a CameraMatch Reference object

? Placing a CameraMatch Object

? Setting & Tuning ths view

? Using the CameraMatch Mask to hide unwanted parts of the model

? A tip for simulating shadows of leaves

The final rendering is all completed within Vectorworks using PanzerCAD's CameraMatch plug-in! And all in about 10 minutes!

Edited by Matt Panzer

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