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Extruding on a working plane

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I have been trying to extrude on a working plane set from another extuded surface. The only problem is that when I do the new extrusion is set at a Z height of zero (relative to the ground plane) but still aligned the working plane.

Has anyone else experienced this, is it an SP3 bug or is it me!!

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Yes, it's a bug.

Sometimes it shifts a translates the new extrude along the i-axis

Sometimes it set the base to i=0

Probably lots of other instances.

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I have submitted a bug, I hope it is fixed soon as it is one of VW's important features especially since 2010.

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Hi Jonathon,

I have, there is definitely something afoot here.

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I am seeing the shift to i=0 here also. I am seeing the center of the bottom edge (the "insertion point") of the extrude going to zero.

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I'm seeing the same thing with "Extrude" or "Convert to 3D" in any view.

How to reproduce this bug:

Setting a working plane

going to top plan (NOT Top/Plan of course)

drawing an object

extruding it

Change view to Front

Object is located on the Z=0 plane

2D objects extruded in any view should start from the plane going through the Working Plane's origin, but they don't anymore.

They all start from a plane going through 0,0,0.

Nicely caught bug, GWS!


Gerard Jonker

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Unfortunately as 'Working Planes' is supposed to be one of VW's fort?s, and is extremely useful, it appears to be rather a faux pas! (as is the jumping dimension issue). Perhaps SP3 is not as helpful as it is meant to be. I do hope these fundemental issues are fixed sharpish!!

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