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Dimensions jumping when placed in VW2010 SP3

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I recently installed SP3 for VW2010 and am now having trouble with dimensions.

Sometimes when I place dimensions they behave as I expect but sometimes they jump off the screen when I click to place them.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Am I doing something wrong or do I have some setting incorrect somewhere?


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Yes. I have the same problem. I've found that if I un-check the associate dimensions in the document preferences then the dimensions work fine. (Of course, they won't be associated anymore but hey....let's not be greedy). Again another software release that is full of bugs and glitches. I just opened a file that I saved pre-SP3 and the whole file is a mess. Viewports and dimensions are scattered everywhere. Going to try to revert to an older file tonight. Frustrating.

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Bill, since installing SP3 I too have observed the same problem, however, so far only while placing dimensions in viewport annotation mode and only intermittently. Some viewports behave normally. The drawings were created on VW2009 and continued in VW2010. Has not occurred when dimensioning on a design layer... so far. Turning off associative dimensioning does appear to eliminate the behavior but is not, in my opinion, much of a fix.


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Ok Ray, let's try this. I've attached a 2D file that I just created in VW 2010. It has a few simple walls with doors and a window and one plan detail viewport. No custom settings, everything should be at VW Architect default settings.

Open the viewport in annotation mode. Draw a dimension string between the the two points with the red circles while dragging the dimension off to the right, past the existing dimension. Upon release of the mouse button the new dimension will "bounce" back to the left. It may not happen every time but does repeatedly for me. The "bounce" phenomenon seems sensitive to how deliberately one places the dimension. Moving quickly makes it easier to reproduce for me.


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How long does it take for them to do a fix back to something that works? These dimensions are a major time factor in my final drawings. Faster and simpler is what software should be. Vw just became slower..... Upper floor handrails seem to be impossible for them to fix since they lost them in 2009, hopefully this isn't the same for dimensioning. The motto "If something isn't broke don't fix it." comes to mind.

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Hallo VW,

You are selling a (mostly fine) software for precice drawings a professionell can not work with this bug!!!!! Its like a train is coming..Perhaps!!! it is not relyable and it worked before. Do you have an idea how many Dimensions have been drawed since you know of this bug and and how many dimensions have been drawed with "Turning off associative dimensioning" and do not correct when somebody else is changing something in a drawing ans is not aware he should have changed the dimension too, bercause some of them are not associated....!!! please go ahead and fix it this is essential for most of you users!!!!

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I do all my final construction plan dimensioning in VP annotation mode and this is tremendously time consuming dragging them back with offsets and then adjusting to fit with the notes and room names. It worked perfectly in 2008 but now dimensions attach to items that I don't want to move and then jump 56' to the side or -46'2.33" to the other side etc. etc. etc. VW, generally is the perfect CAD system for my business but this bug is costing lots of MONEY. I hope they have a SP fix and don't tell me I have to buy 2011 to make it work right.

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cbd I feel your pain. It is quite an irritation having to zoom or scroll far off in one direction or anther in order to retrieve one of these wild hair dimensions, and half the time you end up grabbing the numerical value not the dimension line! Try entering a smaller numerical value in the OIP "offset" box to bring the dimension back into the viewport without zooming or scrolling thus making precise placement easier and quicker.

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