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Could not edit the Plug-In objects like Doors & Room symbols

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Hello All,

Hope I can get the solution from this forum. My problem is...

I am now using VW 2008 English version and I wanted to edit the doors and room stamps in the VW file which was created by my client using his German version software, now when I try to edit this object, I see error message saying "This command does not apply to this type of plug-in object. Use the Object Info palette to edit this plug-in object." (please see the attached document)and when I try to edit this in the "Object Info palette, it is not allowing me to edit width of the door, when I contact our local dealer, he is saying that you have to purchase plug-ins which your client is using. Honestly, I am not sure what is the problem now and which plug-in should I buy to solve this problem.

Please give your suggestion and let me know if you need any additional information from my end.

Looking for your response.



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Hello Nagesh,

the T?ren CW plug-in is not included in the English package. And to my knowledge you cannot buy it as stand-alone.

So what you see is a generic detached instance of that plug-in, not editable.

You can only use it in packages where this is installed and enabled. You could perhaps contact ComputerWorks and ask them where you can buy it (and if). It's a wonderful plug-in, by the way.

The same applies to the CW room stamp or any other plug-in which is not included in your installation.


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Dear Sir,

Thanks for your quick response. So it means, I can't edit these objects until I install the CW plug-in in my PC. If so can you please suggest me how can I contact the CW people?, if that is available, will that work with my existing version.

And also does it effect anything with software version such as Architect, Designer, Spotlight, Rendering, Processional and Fundamental so on...Since I have been suggested to use the right version with right serial number. It would be really great help if you can help me out from this.

Looking for your further response.



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Nagesh, you can contact them here. As I said, don't think that you can buy their plug-ins as standalone. But is worth asking.

Their plug-ins are part of the German Vectorworks. You need a standalone version of the plug-ins to be able to install them anywhere you please. ComputerWorks is the German distributor and they also develop a wide number of additional plug-ins for the German-speaking market, which needs far more detailing than the American does.


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On a related subject, I have found that the ROOM NAME & DOOR NUMBER Tools work fine the first time they are added to a drawing however; if I move or edit these objects they GO AWAY. They are somewhere, there is a small dot to indicate where it should be & the item shows up on a schedule but it ain't on the drawing.

- It is not a CLASS or LAYER issue any tips?

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