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scale on screen not 100%

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Hi there,

I've been using a different computer and I've just realised that my scale is out of whack.

The distance on the screen when the scale is set to 100% is smaller than it would be on paper. It's about right when I scale it to 125% (so the screen is smaller than it should be.

I had this problem when I was using my mac too, but it was 150%, which was easy because I just got used to clicking 150% (as it's on a quick selection - 125% isn't)

I've tried adjusting my screen resolution, but surely I shouldn't need to start mucking around with that?!

Is there a fix that I'm missing here?


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This was recently discussed on the Vectorworks mail list. You can see the archives here:


The basis is that the 100% zoom is based on the old screen resolution of 72 dpi. As screens have gotten higher resolution (Macbook Pros are 110 dpi), the image size appears smaller on screen.

You can calculate the zoom that you need to use to get a screen image to equal the printed size and just use that zoom instead.

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Using my MacBook Pro's display and Free Ruler, it looks like Vectorworks' drawing ruler matches 1/4" = 1'-0" to its actual scale (from FreeRuler's inch scale) with the zoom set to 164%. Which means that 1/8" scale has a zoom value of 82%.

Given that the zoom values of architectural scales are constants for a computer screen, one can just keep a list of them handy when zooming to scale.

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