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Tech Bulletin: Third Service Pack for Vectorworks 2010 is now available


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Tech Bulletin: Third Service Pack for the Vectorworks 2010 product line is now available

Technical Bulletin: Third Service Pack for the Vectorworks 2010 product line now available

Nemetschek North America has released its third Service Pack for the Vectorworks? 2010 product line. This Service Pack has a number of critical fixes, especially in the areas of the wall network and IFC export. In addition, three new features are included in this release:

1. AutoCAD 2010 is now supported in DWG Import/Export.

2. IFC Import/Export and IFC Data attachment and editing interface have been simplified.

3. DXF/DWG export option ?Export Viewports as 2D Graphics in Model Space? now supports top/plan viewports on sheet layers.

This Service Pack is available for all licenses as a downloadable updater. To install the Service Pack, go to the About Vectorworks 2010 dialog box in the Vectorworks menu (Mac users) or Help menu (Windows users) and click Check for Updates.

In addition, the Vectorworks help system has been updated for Vectorworks? 2010 SP3, with the release of Vectorworks 2010 Help 2.0. This is a maintenance release of the help and primarily reflects changes made to the IFC interoperability features of Vectorworks Architect and the compatibility of Vectorworks Fundamentals with version 2010 DXF/DWG files. Several minor documentation bugs were also resolved in this release.

Upon launching the Vectorworks 2010 Help application, you will be notified that an update is available (if you are connected to the Internet). You can choose not to update at that time. If you do choose to update, the update file downloads automatically. Depending on connection speed, this may take a considerable amount of time. There is no progress bar; however, at the bottom of the help window, the status bar displays "Downloading Updates." Once the update has been downloaded, the installation proceeds. (This update process is described in "Updating the Help System" in the Welcome book of the help.)

If you have any technical problem during this process, please contact us at 410-290-5114 or tech@vectorworks.net


Juan Almansa

Product Support Manager

Nemetschek North America

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