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Crash when loading referenced files


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Working on a VW2008 project with multiple files referenced together (eg. the floor plan layers are reference into the site plan, and vice versa). Just recently, all the files in this project will crash upon opening, at the "verifying file..." stage, which is apparently when the references are updated. If I rename or move the files so that the links are broken, the files will open up fine and then I can reestablish the references. Then (this is the crazy part) everything works normally for about a week until the same problem seems to infect the project again.

I think I've isolated the problem to the door symbols in the floor plan. If I delete them from the resource library, save the plan, and then open the site plan, all seems well. These symbols are simple, 3 rectangles and an arc usually, and are used on many projects in my office.

Does anyone have an idea on what's causing this problem and what I can do to fix it? Is there such thing as degenerative 2D symbol corruption in VW? Stripped down versions of my floor plan and site plan are located at:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/feuazznhn2t/09ARB4-CD A0.5-Site Plan .vwx

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmn4zmyjgnj/09ARB4-CD A1-Plans_ACTIVE.vwx



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